Claim Missing Avios Points and Tier Credits

The latest phase of the AerClub roll-out has arrived now enabling the processing of missing Aer Lingus flight claims.
Aer Lingus Flights
If you wish to claim Avios points and Tier Credits on Aer Lingus flights you are now able to do so here.

Once validated the Tier Credits and Avios points associated with these flights will be credited to your account. When the missing flight claim for your Aer Lingus flight has been processed, it will be available for view on your online account.

To avoid having to wait on awards for future bookings please include your AerClub number at the time of booking to ensure the Tier Credits and Avios points are automatically credited to your account once you fly.

Partner Airline Flights
You can use this facility to record your missing flight claims for Avios points for travel on our AerClub partner airlines - British Airways, Cathay Pacific, United and Qantas. Travel on partner airlines does not qualify for AerClub Tier Credits.

Please note that crediting of these claims will be in the next phase of the rollout of AerClub so you will not see Avios points for these flights until then.

How to make a claim
All necessary information can be found on your Booking Confirmation email or on your ticket.
To view the required information from an Aer Lingus booking confirmation, please complete the form below.
Please note that Avios points can only be credited to your account for travel completed since the 29th of November 2016, the date of AerClub launch for migrated AerClub members, or from the date of first registration to AerClub, otherwise normal T&Cs apply.

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